Patriots Superbowl Scandal

Kraft: Slurs words from his written speech while reading. Never looks up at the camera or audience. Don’t drink before you give the speech. Blow, if anything. Belicheck: Um, uh, um, uh, um. Clearly nervous & does not answer any difficult questions. Has high compliments for the Seahawks. More PR points for getting that part right […]

Happy New Year!!! Hangover Tips

Heaven forbid you have to suffer. Sometimes—no—all of the time with age, we just can’t handle what we used to drink in handles. SO, I choose to not over-do it at night because I hate ruining my next day. But during my brief stint waitressing at a (no liquor license) fancy coffee cafe earlier last year, a guy […]

New Year’s Party Success

So my bf had the idea to have a New Year’s Eve party—at my place. I thought: Cool because I have to work that day, I don’t care for the holiday or to travel, and it’s cold. But if everyone comes to me, fantastic! And this hostess has not ever hosted a party at her current home! My […]