Just Do It: Winter 2015

It’s cold. Ice, snow. So? Take your workout indoors (if you need to) and get your runner’s high with these beats. Fresh for 2015.

#Just Do It Winter 2015

“Rise” ♦ David Guetta feat. Skylar Grey
“Hard Out Here” ♦ Lily Allen
“All You Had To Do Was Stay” ♦ Taylor Swift
“Change Your Life” ♦ Iggy Izalea
“Heartbreak Dream” ♦ Betty Who

“Addicted to You” ♦ Avicii
“Lips Are Movin’” ♦ Meghan Trainor
“The Night Is Still Young” ♦ Nicki Minaj
“Holding Onto Heaven” ♦ Foxes
“Jealous” ♦ Beyonce
“Ghost” ♦ Ella Henderson
“Hypnotic” ♦ Zella Day


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