Sleepover Parties For Adults

sleepoverMy friend recently complained that she missed sleepovers. Hello! Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we can’t have them. Heck, my mother’s sisters threw a swanky sleepover party for her for her fiftieth birthday, no husbands allowed. Bachelorette parties are usually of this type…unless a girl in your crowd invites a guy for the night…but in those cases, most people are more about partying than anything else. Let’s go back to the real-deal sleepover, where you just want to pow-wow with your friends like you did in fifth grade, except now there’s alcohol involved and the games are more fun because you know so much more.

No special occasion needed to have one. Every gal needs a break from her SO or husband sometimes. We need the length of overnight to gossip about stupid stuff, to play silly games, to share secrets, to say things we’re afraid to admit outside of our circle…all things girl code, which, if men were around, we wouldn’t admit. And the best part is, men wouldn’t want to be around for this type of thing anyway, so it’s a win-win.

I’m not married and most of my friends and I are committed, but I can relate to this as my cousins and I have sleepovers a few times a year and no one brings their SO. Yes, this one is co-ed, but we are family and so it feels as if I’m just with my best friends or siblings. And since our parents aren’t around, after all of the fun and games and we sit down to talk, the truth comes out.

OMG. What?!

It’s still code, nothing leaves the room.



heartSome people only love another person out of loneliness or some sort of selfish need. They want to share their life with someone, to settle down. OMG, we are 30, the clock is ticking, it is time to nest! They fear of dying old alone, want to have children, want to be taken care of emotionally and financially. There are so many reasons for co-dependent relationships and/or marriages.

Real love is if you genuinely love your life on your own, but the thought of NOT sharing it with a specific person (insert name here) seems unfathomable. Yes, relationships (friends, frenemies, family, co-workers, business partners, lover(s)) are complicated. But as for love, I think it’s as simple as that. There is at least one person who, after s/he came into your life, you cannot possibly live without him/her.