Girl Crush! (es) in Levels

I love girls. Because here’s the TRUTH: Girls are prettier than boys.

While I have no interest in making out with a female, I am the first to say a woman is gorgeous. It could be that she’s genetically blessed and/or well-groomed. Nota bene: Those things are tossed out the window if she has negative energy.

But certain ladies walk into a room and light it up. My mom is one of them and I completely aspire to have that radiance.

I recently discovered that I have an issue touching these lightbulb girls’ hair when partying. I love hair. I didn’t have a first word as a child, I had a first sentence: “My hair pretty.” Except that I had no hair. It didn’t grow until I was four. My mother taped a different bow/hairpiece to my bald head each day for nursery school, which would inevitably fall out and end up in my cubby once a teacher found them.

But now, even as a grown up girly girl, I’ve never had that va-va-voom hair which I’ve forever desired. And for the past 5 years, this hair won’t even hold a curl. Therefore, I love voluminous party hair.

Enter Katie Griffin, the most festive, fabulous, best-dresser great-haired girl, like, ever. I call her my adopted sister, as she lives with my bro on the UWS but also joins in on plenty of family holidays because a working gal just can’t travel to Michigan all of the time. Seriously, NYC is serious.

At our Spring Fling party, KG was the talk of the night (I found out the next day from the dudes who crashed). There was even a situation where one guy said he didn’t want to step on his friends toes and pursue her. And all I could think was like duh, KG is my girl crush! However, neither of us are lezzies.

So let the men battle it out.

And you go girl!

With your damn fabulous hair.


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