What About Crazy?

attractionA few weeks ago, someone said, “What is it about you that crazy random people always want to talk to you? What is it about you that attracts crazy?”

I hadn’t really thought about it until then, but I have realized that I’m constantly working to eliminate crazy people from my life. I can still have great conversations with strangers, but now I’ve started to worry because it’s true: Crazies love me. It’s one thing to be a crazy party “friend”; it’s quite another when strangers under the guise of normal feel like they can connect with you and you give them the time of day because you for once have it and love to help people.

But then it becomes crazy every day once these people attach themselves to you. It is emotionally exhausting and elicits the crazy out of me. Yes, I am becoming crazy because of other people.


Callaloo with Poached Eggs and Bacon


Callaloo topped with eggs and bacon
Callaloo topped with eggs and bacon

In Negril Jamaica, my traveling companions and I ate breakfast most days at Citronella, where we each had a house and the resort to ourselves.

The first day, I ordered the mixed greens plate, which is callaloo topped with two eggs, a side of bacon and toast (all for a mere $8 US).

I found this to be a great way to start the day. We never ate lunch our whole week there except for the one time we missed breakfast.

Being on the water all day, I found that the callaloo breakfast was the perfect meal for energy that lasts from 8am-8pm.

When I got back to the states, I wanted to re-create it. While we don’t have callaloo in my local markets, spinach has a very similar flavor. I added garlic for a kick. My egg-poaching skills are not the best, but see below for my take on this recipe for an awesome energy-producing breakfast.

spinach eggs bacon
My attempt on mixed greens topped with eggs and bacon. Not as pretty, but tasted just as good!

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