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snow whiteFat flakes fondle
still Air

Capturing pockets
that spiral
to moist pavement.

It’s pretty for the time

But I like the dirt

the grit, the grime

The need to measure out our time
to an imperfectly perfect rhyme

With our all-consuming prance
Of life and love and chance

I guess this is what they call Romance.


OK, my life is not as dark or extreme, but it’s hard to be #charmingasfuck all of the time.



As I still have to remind myself time and time again, edit people out of your life! It’s a continual process, like deleting your spam. Yet oh so necessary. There are those that you realize you don’t have anything in common with, there are those you have grown apart from due to distance or different life choices. And then those toxic people in the world that eat up all of your energy and only bring negativity to the table.

I recently spoke to a very wise 88-year-old woman who asked me how many friends I had. Interesting question. There are close friends, then your other friends, then friends by association of friends, coworkers, loved ones or family. There are lots of levels of friendship and therefore way too many “friends.”

But Magdalena Mercedes’ point was that it is important to have only a few friends and make sure they are very good ones. Otherwise, she says, I will spread myself too thin. In her opinion, you cannot truly be a good friend to many people, and if they have too many friends, they cannot be a good friend to you. Quality over quantity.

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