Bad Hair? Don’t Care

One of my girlfriends was hopping on the train to go to a date straight from hanging out with me outside on the hottest, most humid NYC day.

It was their second date and at his house. There’s probably going to be some action, so take a shower first, right? He’s also 5 years younger. So why not stop home first, take a shower and freshen up?

“Ah, nah, this is fine,” she said. “He already likes me.”

It made me wonder : Do I need to be more relaxed?

Because I feel like I need a fresh shower before any event, ever, period. I will take three showers if there’s a workout-workday-evening event where we danced or got sweaty and want to go to bed clean. BUT perhaps, I should just be like, F it, I’m comfortable event hopping, confident in my own skin and cool (exception only being the type of unpleasant sweat you work up in 120-degree yoga — for everyone’s sanity, that is a definite shower.)

However, often I get more compliments when I’m wearing ZERO makeup…like no blush/bronzer, mascara, gloss OR EVEN BB cream.

I fall out of the house down my front steps in pajama shorts with greasy hair or some such trash of no effort. A complete opposite to when I try to dazzle, which is my everyday professional look or evening look or weekend look. Basically, if it’s called a “look,” it means I put on earrings or a bracelet or sunglasses. That I thought about an accent or color. I put some effort into it.

The effort part just seems to be wasted. Even my lovers give me the best compliments when I wake up in the morning.

My new thing: Do nothing. Just be.



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