Clean that Wood!

Andrea Q

My newest cleaning hack happened out of not-exactly laziness but more of not being wasteful.

I was packing for travel and I had this enormous amount of eye-makeup remover pads that were partially used. Andrea Eye-Q’s moisturizing pads are so rich is oil (or whatever), so full of moisture for my dry, allergic skin, that they have a lot of use in them.

In the effort of not exceeding the airplane carry-on weight limit, I needed to take every .002 ounces where I could get them to allow for more shoes. So the already used wipes were to go.

I was going to simply dispose of them, but, as I multi-task on the crackhead reg., I saw the dust on my wooden vanity table and immediately began to dust it off with the eye-makeup remover pads. They are better than Murphy’s Oil. I have never seen so much sheen!

Then I moved on to my marble bedside tables, and then pretty much all of my living inanimate objects because these oily little podular wipes were making everything so shiny!

Granted, I did not read the ingredients label so I may have ruined my beautiful pieces but they still look awesome two weeks later! Better than ever. After years of nail polish and nail polish-remover incidents.

If they continue to stay healthy, you are so welcome for this shiny surface furniture hack!

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