Family Color Palette Reference Board

When you’ve known people for a long time or even your whole life (without even remembering much from the early days), you see them in a lot of outfits and more importantly, colors. So for my family, when they are thinking of others in the immediate group, I’ve created the Family Color Palette. Mom: Turqouise,Continue reading “Family Color Palette Reference Board”

Nail Polish Colors

Nail Polishes have increasingly clever names since the dawn of creatively naming colors. Head Mistress Size Matters Starter Wife Shattered Souls Topless & Barefoot Whack Naughty Nautical No More Waity Katie Teal The Cows Come Home Limo-Scene Turquoise & Caicos Good Man-darin is Hard to Find Haute in the Heat Swagger Like Us Tart WithContinue reading “Nail Polish Colors”

Happy New Year!!! Hangover Tips

Heaven forbid you have to suffer. Sometimes—no—all of the time with age, we just can’t handle what we used to drink in handles. SO, I choose to not over-do it at night because I hate ruining my next day. But during my brief stint waitressing at a (no liquor license) fancy coffee cafe earlier last year, a guyContinue reading “Happy New Year!!! Hangover Tips”

Trix Face

Spring has sprung! Now we need to get our post-hibernation beauty on. This little mask can help reduce your acne. Ingredients: 4 slices mango 1/2 cup plain yogurt 4 strawberries, stems and leaves removed Instructions: Blend all ingredients on high in a blender until it’s pasty. Massage into skin and leave on for 10 minutes.Continue reading “Trix Face”

Trix Hair #2

“My hair pretty” was my first sentence. Instead of a first word, I had a first sentence (brag). However, the statement of self-love was odd considering I didn’t have any hair until I was four years old. Perhaps I was fascinated by hair early on precisely because I lacked it. Odder yet is that I barelyContinue reading “Trix Hair #2”


Ice is a highly undervalued commodity. I’ve owned my new refrigerator for over a year and have yet to hook up the ice maker part of the freezer. Shame on me. How much am I truly missing out on the cold frozen water of life? Here, a breakdown of the value of this virtually freeContinue reading “Ice”


Recently I was invited to speak by The Promise Foundation at my middle school about skin cancer awareness and my personal battle with Melanoma last year.  I’ve decided to post my talk on my blog to spread the wealth of information I have in hopes of saving another life. Hello everyone and good morning. It’sContinue reading “Melanoma”