When they don’t listen, don’t speak

For all of the opinions I’ve had in business, and there have been many many many across industries, I’ve been taught to be quiet and, statistically, by male leaders. Especially if I had a different opinion than the CEO. After this happens a few times, I stop saying anything. I watch destruction. I don’t care.Continue reading “When they don’t listen, don’t speak”

Attention Bloggers: WordCamp NYC

If you have a WordPress-based blog like me (which is the preferred platform for most Fortune 500 companies and individual entrepreneurs), you know that there is always room for improvement in functionality, SEO, gaining advertising space, and maximizing your presence on social media at precisely the right time for your targeted audience. Introducing WordCamp: A three-dayContinue reading “Attention Bloggers: WordCamp NYC”

I’m sorry you became…Irrelevant

There will always be the bigger new best better thing, and humans have to be prepared for that. You are so replaceable! This means not resting on your fifteen minutes and working harder more each day rather than slacking off and resting on your laurals. You must constantly adapt to change and the market aroundContinue reading “I’m sorry you became…Irrelevant”

Un, Under, or Self-Employed: What You Miss

It’s the validity. I miss the daily power, recognition. Nothing else. Well, save comraderie amongst fellows I liked. I don’t miss the commute. I don’t miss the grueling schedules. I don’t even miss all of the amazing perks. I simply miss feeling like I was norm and a part of society. How horrific to beContinue reading “Un, Under, or Self-Employed: What You Miss”


When organizing my day, I think back to this brilliant monologue from the movie About a Boy: “I find the key is to think of a day as units of time, each unit consisting of no more than 30 minutes. Full hours can be a little bit intimidating, and most activities take about half an hour. Taking a bath:Continue reading “Units”

Thinking Back on A Boss of My Boss

Paul, a man of few words, scared the hell out of me. He paid no attention during TIME company meetings, did not want to be directly involved with the client unless it was necessary, and if something went wrong, he screamed. He had a temper, a particular way of doing things that was correct andContinue reading “Thinking Back on A Boss of My Boss”

Updike’s Rules for Literary Criticism

I think we can all take something away from John Updike’s rules, whether we are critiquing someone’s writing, art, or any form of creative expression—even a fashion choice. Not all apply to things other than literature, but the “added sixth” is a nice lesson. Here they are: 1. Try to understand what the author wished toContinue reading “Updike’s Rules for Literary Criticism”

Jargon Madness

Inspired by a recent article I read and a discussion my mother brought up this week, I think it is high time to address an issue that has annoyed me for the past year. I was, for many reasons, unable to address it directly until now. Egregious errors. Process. Going forward. Team. CC me. I’mContinue reading “Jargon Madness”