Bad Hair? Don’t Care

One of my girlfriends was hopping on the train to go to a date straight from hanging out with me outside on the hottest, most humid NYC day. It was their second date and at his house. There’s probably going to be some action, so take a shower first, right? He’s also 5 years younger.Continue reading “Bad Hair? Don’t Care”

Define Success

I’m proud to say that I don’t owe anyone for my personal success in life. My parents financed my education and raised me with cultural exposure, and I’m grateful for that. But it was up to me to utilize that knowledge and create the life I wanted for myself. I was born a dedicated, independent,Continue reading “Define Success”

Pajama Rich

A phrase to describe one who does not have to wear real clothes to go to work, or to any formal business event, such as a professional meeting, a legal settlement or dinner. Basically, the dress code of Hugh Hefner and all tech leaders. I don’t think this applies to weddings or black-tie balls, butContinue reading “Pajama Rich”

The Fear Of…

From the Grammar Diva who has a fondness for phobias, here are some entertaining ones that may ruin your social season. FEAR OF… Alcohol – methyphobia [Understandable.] Anything New – neophobia [Change is always hard.] Church – ecclesiophobia [The structure will not hurt you unless it collapses on you.] Cooking  – mageirocophobia [New York-area people:Continue reading “The Fear Of…”

…And you MUST have four names

Welcome to the UES, where old money gents are mellow yet insecure because they didn’t earn it themselves, or, even worse, it is from their wife’s side of the family and hurts their di(ck)nity. Moving down to other generations, like mine, which I think have a slightly better grasp of the real world, I amContinue reading “…And you MUST have four names”

Why You Need To Watch Teen Witch

Let’s get Halloween-ey!!  I loved Teen Witch well before I was even a pre-teen, but I recently felt the need to see it again. It’s still so relevant! Here is why my younger millenial friends should watch it: Imagine every 80’s teen movie meets Grease and Mean Girls with a sprinkling of Hocus Pocus. The Characters: ♠Louise, playedContinue reading “Why You Need To Watch Teen Witch”

Overheard in The Office

“We need to water down the hed” [as in headline, when talking about Duggars having sex] “I mean there needs to be more of a story here. If you tell me he drugged you and raped you in a hotel room, then that is great! That is a great story. But right now, there’s reallyContinue reading “Overheard in The Office”


I think when you embrace your quirks and really own them, you come into your own. I’ve recently spent time with some younger dolls who were always a bit socially awkward and not fully embracing the qualities that they had to bring to the table. Lack of self-confidence is natural when you’re a baby andContinue reading “Quirky”