Your Zodiac Sign: How Evil Are You?

Elite Daily had a fascinating read, as usual. This one is about you and the evil aspects of your Zodiac sign. Mine is as follows. But after you judge me, don’t you want to know your evil score? Check it out…and also watch Barbies have s*x as your sign (tres interesting): Aquarius – Cold calculatingContinue reading “Your Zodiac Sign: How Evil Are You?”

Family Color Palette Reference Board

When you’ve known people for a long time or even your whole life (without even remembering much from the early days), you see them in a lot of outfits and more importantly, colors. So for my family, when they are thinking of others in the immediate group, I’ve created the Family Color Palette. Mom: Turqouise,Continue reading “Family Color Palette Reference Board”

Those Boys You Thought Were SOOO Hot

Some people get more tragic with age. So many older boys I seriously crushed on in high school are seriously not hot now that they’re adults. Adding to inevitable hair-loss or weight gain or what have you, some guys never really grow up, acting like frat boys when they are 35+. Age doesn’t favor manyContinue reading “Those Boys You Thought Were SOOO Hot”

The Crunchies

The popular (senior) boys in high school were called The Crunchies. They were a mix of highly preppy, privileged stoners with major sideburns and long hair, though this was not the seventies, just 1998. They listened to The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Cream (and Eric Clapton on his own), and developedContinue reading “The Crunchies”

Nail Polish Colors

Nail Polishes have increasingly clever names since the dawn of creatively naming colors. Head Mistress Size Matters Starter Wife Shattered Souls Topless & Barefoot Whack Naughty Nautical No More Waity Katie Teal The Cows Come Home Limo-Scene Turquoise & Caicos Good Man-darin is Hard to Find Haute in the Heat Swagger Like Us Tart WithContinue reading “Nail Polish Colors”

What About Crazy?

A few weeks ago, someone said, “What is it about you that crazy random people always want to talk to you? What is it about you that attracts crazy?” I hadn’t really thought about it until then, but I have realized that I’m constantly working to eliminate crazy people from my life. I can stillContinue reading “What About Crazy?”

Girl Crush! (es) in Levels

I love girls. Because here’s the TRUTH: Girls are prettier than boys. While I have no interest in making out with a female, I am the first to say a woman is gorgeous. It could be that she’s genetically blessed and/or well-groomed. Nota bene: Those things are tossed out the window if she has negative energy.Continue reading “Girl Crush! (es) in Levels”