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attractionA few weeks ago, someone said, “What is it about you that crazy random people always want to talk to you? What is it about you that attracts crazy?”

I hadn’t really thought about it until then, but I have realized that I’m constantly working to eliminate crazy people from my life. I can still have great conversations with strangers, but now I’ve started to worry because it’s true: Crazies love me. It’s one thing to be a crazy party “friend”; it’s quite another when strangers under the guise of normal feel like they can connect with you and you give them the time of day because you for once have it and love to help people.

But then it becomes crazy every day once these people attach themselves to you. It is emotionally exhausting and elicits the crazy out of me. Yes, I am becoming crazy because of other people.



Audrey Hepburn originally said this but I rewrote it:

I believe in pink.

I believe that laughing cures grief, helps with relief and unites the world

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be crashing down

I believe that tomorrow is another day; I believe in miracles.

I love girls. Because here’s the TRUTH: Girls are prettier than boys.

While I have no interest in making out with a female, I am the first to say a woman is gorgeous. It could be that she’s genetically blessed and/or well-groomed. Nota bene: Those things are tossed out the window if she has negative energy.

But certain ladies walk into a room and light it up. My mom is one of them and I completely aspire to have that radiance.

I recently discovered that I have an issue touching these lightbulb girls’ hair when partying. I love hair. I didn’t have a first word as a child, I had a first sentence: “My hair pretty.” Except that I had no hair. It didn’t grow until I was four. My mother taped a different bow/hairpiece to my bald head each day for nursery school, which would inevitably fall out and end up in my cubby once a teacher found them.

But now, even as a grown up girly girl, I’ve never had that va-va-voom hair which I’ve forever desired. And for the past 5 years, this hair won’t even hold a curl. Therefore, I love voluminous party hair.

Enter Katie Griffin, the most festive, fabulous, best-dresser great-haired girl, like, ever. I call her my adopted sister, as she lives with my bro on the UWS but also joins in on plenty of family holidays because a working gal just can’t travel to Michigan all of the time. Seriously, NYC is serious.

At our Spring Fling party, KG was the talk of the night (I found out the next day from the dudes who crashed). There was even a situation where one guy said he didn’t want to step on his friends toes and pursue her. And all I could think was like duh, KG is my girl crush! However, neither of us are lezzies.

So let the men battle it out.

And you go girl!

With your damn fabulous hair.


I love being a homebody. I catch up on sleep, quiet time, and if I’m lucky, watch some trashy TV while I work on a creative project. Always take advantage of downtime. No FOMO here!

sleepoverMy friend recently complained that she missed sleepovers. Hello! Just because we’re older doesn’t mean we can’t have them. Heck, my mother’s sisters threw a swanky sleepover party for her for her fiftieth birthday, no husbands allowed. Bachelorette parties are usually of this type…unless a girl in your crowd invites a guy for the night…but in those cases, most people are more about partying than anything else. Let’s go back to the real-deal sleepover, where you just want to pow-wow with your friends like you did in fifth grade, except now there’s alcohol involved and the games are more fun because you know so much more.

No special occasion needed to have one. Every gal needs a break from her SO or husband sometimes. We need the length of overnight to gossip about stupid stuff, to play silly games, to share secrets, to say things we’re afraid to admit outside of our circle…all things girl code, which, if men were around, we wouldn’t admit. And the best part is, men wouldn’t want to be around for this type of thing anyway, so it’s a win-win.

I’m not married and most of my friends and I are committed, but I can relate to this as my cousins and I have sleepovers a few times a year and no one brings their SO. Yes, this one is co-ed, but we are family and so it feels as if I’m just with my best friends or siblings. And since our parents aren’t around, after all of the fun and games and we sit down to talk, the truth comes out.

OMG. What?!

It’s still code, nothing leaves the room.


Kraft: Slurs words from his written speech while reading. Never looks up at the camera or audience. Don’t drink before you give the speech. Blow, if anything.

Belicheck: Um, uh, um, uh, um. Clearly nervous & does not answer any difficult questions. Has high compliments for the Seahawks. More PR points for getting that part right and looking at the press while speaking.

Brady: Smiles and says a lot of nothing. Gosh he’s pretty, but his head must have been knocked too many times. Pretty airheads are always let off the hook.

I don’t work in PR, but I could have prepped these guys better. You’re in a billion dollar industry. In America, people care more about football than______(fill in the blank). Not saying it’s right, just saying. This is cringingly embarrassing to watch. You’re professionals. At least play the part!


So my bf had the idea to have a New Year’s Eve party—at my place.

I thought: Cool because I have to work that day, I don’t care for the holiday or to travel, and it’s cold. But if everyone comes to me, fantastic! And this hostess has not ever hosted a party at her current home!

My roommate got on board and the three of us began planning.  And I think, great. Me, party-planner, well this wasn’t my idea so I don’t have to do all of the planning and hostess work and I won’t care as much if it’s awful.

But it was anything but. We thought oh—like 12 people may actually be free. But the day before, the number had climbed to 30+, and then 40+ ended up coming.

It is so fun when you have help prepping for a party, because it’s an exhausting amount of work if you want to include tons of personal touches, a la moi.

So the men focused on the man power: creating a stocked bar, moving furniture, and driving to PA for $200 worth of fireworks while I focused on decorations, party favors, blankets, balloons, air mattresses, pillows, pajamas, toothbrushes, every beauty product you can think of and goodie bag gifts. Oh yes, and the tapas menu.

The day after the affair, I thought what didn’t happen? Nothing I can think of.

Dancing, debauchery at its finest, huge fireworks show on the roof, inappropriate comments/confessions, tons of alcohol and fancy food, midnight toast actually was ready and poured for everyone on time for countdown, green things, white things, cop who lives downstairs made people do shots with him and puked in our sink (and here I thought we’d have a noise complaint or an arrest for lighting fireworks off the roof) glitter, glow, live music after dance party, and everyone (who wanted to) got laid!

I call that Succe$$!

And now all I hear is: When are you having your next party?!

Stay tuned. This old soul is still recovering 😉

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