I Love You Like I’ll Lose You

This sums up my time with “Boy With No Shoes.” We had a great story of how we very randomly met on the street, and the chemistry that followed. We enjoyed a fun, sweet, wild year-long on-off roller-coaster ride that I thought would turn into something more serious. I’ll never forget our moments. I made theContinue reading “I Love You Like I’ll Lose You”

New Year’s Party Success

So my bf had the idea to have a New Year’s Eve party—at my place. I thought: Cool because I have to work that day, I don’t care for the holiday or to travel, and it’s cold. But if everyone comes to me, fantastic! And this hostess has not ever hosted a party at her current home! MyContinue reading “New Year’s Party Success”

I’m sorry you became…Irrelevant

There will always be the bigger new best better thing, and humans have to be prepared for that. You are so replaceable! This means not resting on your fifteen minutes and working harder more each day rather than slacking off and resting on your laurals. You must constantly adapt to change and the market aroundContinue reading “I’m sorry you became…Irrelevant”

99 Problems, but the Truth ain’t one

Nothing is as cookie cutter as you try to make it look on your social media sites. And that’s okay. It’s so refreshing to find humans that actually speak the truth! I want to relate to you, not feel like I’m some dysfunctional alien (which I most definitely am regardless). We all have problems, and I find thatContinue reading “99 Problems, but the Truth ain’t one”

Loving Getting Doing

How to have amazing sex: ♥ Arrive at his house in a satin skirt, stilettos, rhinestone heels, a silk top, and La Perla bra before he gets home from work. ♥ Enter living room when lover/boyfriend/husband arrives. Say hi but otherwise ignore him. ♥ Prepare for fingers, hands, mouth action. ♥ Get stripped and takenContinue reading “Loving Getting Doing”

Emotional Cheating

Cheating (relationship-wise) most often involves having sex with someone other than your significant other and is usually just physical for the cheater (sorry, cheatee). But there is another type of cheating that is not physical (at least, not yet) that can somehow be more damaging to your relationship: Emotional Cheating. It’s there—an attraction, something—but not acted uponContinue reading “Emotional Cheating”

The Importance of Being Honest

The importance of being honest in relationships doesn’t get the press coverage that it deserves. Honesty is a tricky thing. How honest is too honest? Sometimes, you don’t want to be honest because it will hurt your girlfriend’s feelings. Her makeup seems over-the-top, let’s say. But there is a huge difference between little white liesContinue reading “The Importance of Being Honest”

The Fabulousness of A Single Bed

People are always knocking the single bed. I’ll be the first to say, I love my single bed! It’s comfortable and cozy and is more than enough room for me. I just can’t justify the extra space in a bigger bed. This is not to say I always sleep alone. My boyfriend sleeps comfortably inContinue reading “The Fabulousness of A Single Bed”