Those Boys You Thought Were SOOO Hot

Some people get more tragic with age. So many older boys I seriously crushed on in high school are seriously not hot now that they’re adults. Adding to inevitable hair-loss or weight gain or what have you, some guys never really grow up, acting like frat boys when they are 35+. Age doesn’t favor manyContinue reading “Those Boys You Thought Were SOOO Hot”

I Love You Like I’ll Lose You

This sums up my time with “Boy With No Shoes.” We had a great story of how we very randomly met on the street, and the chemistry that followed. We enjoyed a fun, sweet, wild year-long on-off roller-coaster ride that I thought would turn into something more serious. I’ll never forget our moments. I made theContinue reading “I Love You Like I’ll Lose You”

New Year’s Party Success

So my bf had the idea to have a New Year’s Eve party—at my place. I thought: Cool because I have to work that day, I don’t care for the holiday or to travel, and it’s cold. But if everyone comes to me, fantastic! And this hostess has not ever hosted a party at her current home! MyContinue reading “New Year’s Party Success”

Loving Getting Doing

How to have amazing sex: ♥ Arrive at his house in a satin skirt, stilettos, rhinestone heels, a silk top, and La Perla bra before he gets home from work. ♥ Enter living room when lover/boyfriend/husband arrives. Say hi but otherwise ignore him. ♥ Prepare for fingers, hands, mouth action. ♥ Get stripped and takenContinue reading “Loving Getting Doing”


I used to take a T-shirt from every guy I slept with in my college days. I went to NYU, which meant many nights out on the town and tired feet at 4am…and a sleepover here or there. Not a fan of the walk of shame, I would “borrow” a T-shirt from my gentlemen friendContinue reading “Screwvenir”


Ice is a highly undervalued commodity. I’ve owned my new refrigerator for over a year and have yet to hook up the ice maker part of the freezer. Shame on me. How much am I truly missing out on the cold frozen water of life? Here, a breakdown of the value of this virtually freeContinue reading “Ice”