Define Success

I’m proud to say that I don’t owe anyone for my personal success in life. My parents financed my education and raised me with cultural exposure, and I’m grateful for that. But it was up to me to utilize that knowledge and create the life I wanted for myself. I was born a dedicated, independent,Continue reading “Define Success”

The Power of Passwords

I have a great idea for new passwords. I have close to 100 passwords for all of my accounts and therefore keep a notebook because we all know it’s identity suicide to use the same one for every site. Anyhoo, now that everthing is online and requires long complicated passwords, why not make yours inspirational? Motivational?Continue reading “The Power of Passwords”

Blurred Lines: Gender Equality

“I really need a mani-pedi today,” my boyfriend said on Sunday. It’s something I introduced him to that he now loves. When we walked out of the salon his first time, he started skipping down the street saying “I feel like I’m walking on air! Look how clean my hands are!” This was exactly theContinue reading “Blurred Lines: Gender Equality”