When they don’t listen, don’t speak

For all of the opinions I’ve had in business, and there have been many many many across industries, I’ve been taught to be quiet and, statistically, by male leaders. Especially if I had a different opinion than the CEO. After this happens a few times, I stop saying anything. I watch destruction. I don’t care.Continue reading “When they don’t listen, don’t speak”

Just one day!

Last Friday was a bit craZy. My mother and I both got laid off from our respective jobs, my puppy Sheba was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and oh—my father was thrown in jail. Top it off with my boyfriend getting sick from his gum disease anti-biotic injections. And then I had to finish my medical testing which had been going on for months.Continue reading “Just one day!”

New Year’s Party Success

So my bf had the idea to have a New Year’s Eve party—at my place. I thought: Cool because I have to work that day, I don’t care for the holiday or to travel, and it’s cold. But if everyone comes to me, fantastic! And this hostess has not ever hosted a party at her current home! MyContinue reading “New Year’s Party Success”

Loving Getting Doing

How to have amazing sex: ♥ Arrive at his house in a satin skirt, stilettos, rhinestone heels, a silk top, and La Perla bra before he gets home from work. ♥ Enter living room when lover/boyfriend/husband arrives. Say hi but otherwise ignore him. ♥ Prepare for fingers, hands, mouth action. ♥ Get stripped and takenContinue reading “Loving Getting Doing”

My Favorite Fall Trends

My favorite season is beginning to come to an end, but the month of November is still very much “fall,” so I want to take the time to appreciate what I’m into right now. 1. Orange lipstick. It looks surprisingly good on an array of complexions, as evidenced by the fall runway shows. 2. CoinContinue reading “My Favorite Fall Trends”

Lucky Pennies, Part II

I’m re-collecting lucky pennies…re-obsessing? It got to the point of crazy when I found myself trying to pick one up that had dried into the tar of a paved street. An older man stopped in his tracks because I looked that psychotic. He gave me that WTF-are-you-serious? stare. I had to walk away, but promisedContinue reading “Lucky Pennies, Part II”

Bruises, Burns and Other Marks of Fierceness

He said, “Why do you have blood all over your hands?” I said, “Watch out,” and smiled. I was kidding; it was my own blood and not someone I’d just slaughtered. But, it brings me to address the fact that I am a bleeder. When my manicurist mis-cuts a cuticle, I will bleed for aContinue reading “Bruises, Burns and Other Marks of Fierceness”