Callaloo with Poached Eggs and Bacon

  In Negril Jamaica, my traveling companions and I ate breakfast most days at Citronella, where we each had a house and the resort to ourselves. The first day, I ordered the mixed greens plate, which is callaloo topped with two eggs, a side of bacon and toast (all for a mere $8 US). IContinue reading “Callaloo with Poached Eggs and Bacon”

Portabella Parmesan Pasta

This little gem was something I made up when I really wanted some portabella mushrooms. It’s simple and involves few ingredients, per my usual style. Serves 4. Ingredients: 1 pound sliced baby portabella mushrooms 8 oz. balsamic vinaigrette 1 pound linguini 4 oz. parmesan cheese Directions: 1. Marinate the shrooms in the balsamic vinaigrette (IContinue reading “Portabella Parmesan Pasta”

Game-Day Eats

Football Season is upon us! Here’s a compilation of my favorite football-watching recipes: Baked BBQ Chicken Wings Nasty! Nachos Pizzetta: 10 versions Spicy Sweet Potato Fries Meaty Stuffed Peppers Magnificent Meatballs Fall Sausage Go GIAnts!!!

Rosemary Potatoes

In my family, we call these “Sugar Potatoes,” as they are my grandmother’s (nickname: Sugar) recipe. Ingredients (serves 4 as a side dish): 4 red bliss potatoes 1 T olive oil 1 T rosemary 1 T ground plack pepper 1/2 T salt Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Slice washed potatoes into triangular bite-sizeContinue reading “Rosemary Potatoes”

Magnificent Meatballs: My Italian Recipe

After being fed up with upscale restaurants and more recently, NYC street-food vendors not making a good enough—by that I mean, acceptable to the standards of real Italian cooking which is rare in the United States—meatball, I am going to share my recipe in hopes that we can raise the bar for Italian-American cooking. AndContinue reading “Magnificent Meatballs: My Italian Recipe”

Baked BBQ Chicken Wings

This crowd-pleaser is perfect for Sunday football viewing or tailgate parties if you give yourself enough time. This depicts the recipe made for just a few peeps, however, the recipe itself was born out of necessity for a summer garden party I was hosting for over 40 people at a house with a non-working grill. UnheardContinue reading “Baked BBQ Chicken Wings”