Lie or Truth: Which is Scarier?

People hate me because not only do I expose the truth about them, I am honest about the Devil I am. Take it or leave it. I believe in being upfront and open because I don’t like to waste time on liars or waste time on lying. Yes, sometimes the truth stabs but I doContinue reading “Lie or Truth: Which is Scarier?”

Girl Crush! (es) in Levels

I love girls. Because here’s the TRUTH: Girls are prettier than boys. While I have no interest in making out with a female, I am the first to say a woman is gorgeous. It could be that she’s genetically blessed and/or well-groomed. Nota bene: Those things are tossed out the window if she has negative energy.Continue reading “Girl Crush! (es) in Levels”

911 Call

The most absurd thing happened on Friday morning. I was minding my business and working from home when the doorbell rang…mine and several others. I assumed (bad idea) that it was either someone who lived in the building who forgot their front door key, or a delivery since I was expecting two packages. Without usingContinue reading “911 Call”

Grave Robber

I suffered the unfortunate loss of my pretty pink mini…I mean miniminimini hp, mini me, in all of her pink gloriousness this past week. I tried to get her back via the Grave Robber. WoW. When Pretty in Pink first crashed and I could not bring her back to life myself, I went to theContinue reading “Grave Robber”


One of my favorite times of year. The Year Before Last: Kansas a.k.a. Anne came with me to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve’s Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania. The five-star dinner was fabulous as usual, involving lots of thanks around the table. Our tradition is to have everyone write down three things they are thankful for. MyContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

Relationships: Hurricane Sandy Challenged All

Hurricane Sandy has had devastating effects on our region. We’ve suffered flooding, fires, no power, and damages that will take a long time to repair. Not just physical property damages, but emotional and perhaps irreversible damages to our personal relationships. Just yesterday, a man pulled out a gun at a gas station. The longer ourContinue reading “Relationships: Hurricane Sandy Challenged All”

The Best of Everything Central Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Having lived here for some time, I have a pretty good idea about where to get the best everything in Hudson County (Hoboken and Jersey City). This series will start with what is closest to home: Central Avenue in the Heights. Central Avenue offers some of the best products at the best prices. From farm standsContinue reading “The Best of Everything Central Avenue, Jersey City, NJ”