Old, Old Posts

Some (very) light topics I’ve explored in the past have become relevant in these quarantine times. So, below, I’m re-publishing some previous posts from this blog. Not going to edit the articles – these are truly vintage (cringeworthy to my editorial self), but if they are a distraction or relatable or bring a little lightContinue reading “Old, Old Posts”

The Fear Of…

From the Grammar Diva who has a fondness for phobias, here are some entertaining ones that may ruin your social season. FEAR OF… Alcohol – methyphobia [Understandable.] Anything New – neophobia [Change is always hard.] Church – ecclesiophobia [The structure will not hurt you unless it collapses on you.] Cooking  – mageirocophobia [New York-area people:Continue reading “The Fear Of…”