Published Writing

ART511 Magazine Launches With A Party New York City Won’t Easily Forget

All In The Mix: Joseph Borzotta and Palette Gallery

Grace Church Celebrates 25 Years of the Arts

National Enquirer: Fashion page

National Enquirer: Joan Collins

Casa Colombo: A Wealth of History

A Nomadic Life: Jersey City Couple Drives to South America

Hewn Arts Center: A Place of Creative Collaboration

St. Lucia’s Windjammer Landing

Sam A.M. Celebrates Breakfast

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church: A Model for Urban Ministry and Sustainability

Arts & Community Collaborate in New Merseles Studio

Good Eats: Union Republic

Pig & Pepper: Where Curiosity and Quality Meet

Bamboola Baby Helps New Moms Ease Into Motherhood

Freelance Writing: Prioritizing and Re-Prioritizing

StageFest 2014

Kids Dig Hotels Designed With Their Needs in Mind

Spas for New and Expecting Mothers

New York Finger Lakes Region

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