Just one day!

shithppensLast Friday was a bit craZy. My mother and I both got laid off from our respective jobs, my puppy Sheba was diagnosed with Lyme disease, and oh—my father was thrown in jail.

Top it off with my boyfriend getting sick from his gum disease anti-biotic injections. And then I had to finish my medical testing which had been going on for months. Talk about feeling weak!

A challenging week ensued, but this is another Friday.

And I plan to enjoy it.



One of my favorite times of year.

The Year Before Last: Kansas a.k.a. Anne came with me to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Steve’s Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania. The five-star dinner was fabulous as usual, involving lots of thanks around the table. Our tradition is to have everyone write down three things they are thankful for. My uncle’s mother puts the sheets of paper randomly under each plate. When we sit down, each guest reads another person’s list. It is really beautiful, and this particular year, there were lots of K-State Wildcat cheers after each reading in honor of my sister Kansas.

Then everything kind of sloped downward. Too much wine and espresso-shot drinking, smoking ciggs, a bloody finger, kids caught with pot, and some shedding of tears turned the night into a disastrous one, at least temporarily.

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