Callaloo with Poached Eggs and Bacon


Callaloo topped with eggs and bacon
Callaloo topped with eggs and bacon

In Negril Jamaica, my traveling companions and I ate breakfast most days at Citronella, where we each had a house and the resort to ourselves.

The first day, I ordered the mixed greens plate, which is callaloo topped with two eggs, a side of bacon and toast (all for a mere $8 US).

I found this to be a great way to start the day. We never ate lunch our whole week there except for the one time we missed breakfast.

Being on the water all day, I found that the callaloo breakfast was the perfect meal for energy that lasts from 8am-8pm.

When I got back to the states, I wanted to re-create it. While we don’t have callaloo in my local markets, spinach has a very similar flavor. I added garlic for a kick. My egg-poaching skills are not the best, but see below for my take on this recipe for an awesome energy-producing breakfast.

spinach eggs bacon
My attempt on mixed greens topped with eggs and bacon. Not as pretty, but tasted just as good!

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