My Favorite Fall Trends

My favorite season is beginning to come to an end, but the month of November is still very much “fall,” so I want to take the time to appreciate what I’m into right now.

1. Orange lipstick. It looks surprisingly good on an array of complexions, as evidenced by the fall runway shows.


2. Coin jewelry. A movement has started on the Jersey City train tracks, and it’s quite beautiful.


3. Tall boots paired with mini skirts. Sexy and comfy.


4. Corduroy bombers and velvet blazers.


5. Pumpkin-scented/flavored everything, of course!



911 Call

Telephone Reciever on a Spiral Cord

The most absurd thing happened on Friday morning. I was minding my business and working from home when the doorbell rang…mine and several others. I assumed (bad idea) that it was either someone who lived in the building who forgot their front door key, or a delivery since I was expecting two packages.

Without using the intercom to identify, I simply buzzed door person in. I peeked my head out the door to hear if the (supposed delivery) person would announce himself and needed a signature. Looking down to the first floor, I heard that the person was knocking on someone’s door. OK, not for me, back to work.

But moments later, he was climbing stairs and pounding on other doors, screaming something I couldn’t understand. It sounded like an older large man who was wandering about drunk in our 3-fl., 6 apt. building, thinking either that he lived here and was figuring out where his wife was to open the door (he does not live here; I know all the 20 and 30-something tenants) or (worst case) he was wondering what door he could get into to carry out some sort of crime…a robbery? a murder? He sounded that violently charged and upset. I panicked and bolted my door. I was home alone in the building.

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Game-Day Eats


Football Season is upon us! Here’s a compilation of my favorite football-watching recipes:

Baked BBQ Chicken Wings

Nasty! Nachos

Pizzetta: 10 versions

Spicy Sweet Potato Fries

Meaty Stuffed Peppers

Magnificent Meatballs

Fall Sausage

Go GIAnts!!!

The Best of Everything Central Avenue, Jersey City, NJ

Having lived here for some time, I have a pretty good idea about where to get the best everything in Hudson County (Hoboken and Jersey City). This series will start with what is closest to home: Central Avenue in the Heights.

Central Avenue offers some of the best products at the best prices. From farm stands to dollar stores and many gems in between, here are my recommendations:

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