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Women have taken

The Fall
Since Eve

I’m not Naive

The world has barely changed
for us, the Fairer Sex
Our only weakness
May be that we’re complex.

Perhaps that is Our Strength
Fighting to the death
For love and life and length
Of lasting legacy
That has no guarantee

People pleasers by nature
But smarter than you think.

I like the dirt, the grit, the grime
Take a bite
Make it mine
I want your teeth
In my flesh—
As with the apple,
I’ll take that bet.

Because I know I’ll win the rest.

You will Repay
that Tempting Danger
of love and lust and longing
And be sorry you’ve
Mistaken belonging
by giving in to Sin
that exists within

Isn’t it easy to fall?
And you thought you had it all.

I got you back you Snake, you Coward.
With me exists true Power.


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