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Telephone Reciever on a Spiral Cord

The most absurd thing happened on Friday morning. I was minding my business and working from home when the doorbell rang…mine and several others. I assumed (bad idea) that it was either someone who lived in the building who forgot their front door key, or a delivery since I was expecting two packages.

Without using the intercom to identify, I simply buzzed door person in. I peeked my head out the door to hear if the (supposed delivery) person would announce himself and needed a signature. Looking down to the first floor, I heard that the person was knocking on someone’s door. OK, not for me, back to work.

But moments later, he was climbing stairs and pounding on other doors, screaming something I couldn’t understand. It sounded like an older large man who was wandering about drunk in our 3-fl., 6 apt. building, thinking either that he lived here and was figuring out where his wife was to open the door (he does not live here; I know all the 20 and 30-something tenants) or (worst case) he was wondering what door he could get into to carry out some sort of crime…a robbery? a murder? He sounded that violently charged and upset. I panicked and bolted my door. I was home alone in the building.

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