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I used to take a T-shirt from every guy I slept with in my college days. I went to NYU, which meant many nights out on the town and tired feet at 4am…and a sleepover here or there. Not a fan of the walk of shame, I would “borrow” a T-shirt from my gentlemen friend of the evening.

I know I’m not the only one.  Admit it: Sometimes you take home a little something to remember a fun night. Scraps of paper/receipts, a book you want to read, a pen, a water bottle, boxers, a pack of gum, a sweater, a lighter, sunglasses. These are not souvenirs, but “screwvenirs.”

My very first hookup involved my bra being taken. It was “lost.” While I never saw it again, I did hear quite a few guys at school had…not so cool.

But anyway, later in life, what do you do with these things you’ve collected that no longer have meaning and are just taking up space in your closet? You can throw them away of course, but I’m all about re-purposing materials. As for those T-shirts, I’ve recently used scissors and safety pins and my bedazzler (yes—it was a gift) to refashion them. I get compliments when I wear them out, and I can’t help but giggle remembering the guy who owns whatever particular shirt I’m wearing and that particular time in my life.

What’s your awesome screwvenir story?


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